July 20, 2024

Carry on clicking – What makes a video game, an app or a piece of software addictive?

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What makes a video game, an app or a piece of software addictive, asks Ian Vella.

Have you ever fired up a quick game of Angry Birds and 30 minutes later you’re still promising yourself that this is the last game you’ll play? An hour later, you’re still at it: playing and promising yourself that you’ll soon finish the game and return to whatever you were doing before.

First generation video games such as Tetris and Pac-Man earned the nickname “addictive undefeatables” due to the fact that the levels were at times so difficult that they were practically impossible to complete. Players took it as a personal challenge to try to finish all the levels. In fact, such was the challenge that most of these classic 1980s games are still popular and addictive today.

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Ian Vella
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