June 20, 2024

I Asked A.I. To Predict Valletta’s Future

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Recently, everyone became increasingly interested in the use of AI technology and the text-based ChatGPT kept making headlines.

To explore what this fuss is all about, I decided to tap into the powerful OpenAI’s API to generate images and not just text. An API is a set of procedures allowing for the creation of applications that access the features of a particular service (in this case the OpenAI system).

After tinkering with the parameters for a bit I was pleasantly surprised by the amazing first results.  Since this weekend was so cold and rainy, I decided to ask the AI to generate a photorealistic image showing Valletta after it snowed.

Empowered and amazed with the result, I then decided to ask the AI to imagine how Valletta would look in 2100. The image presented to me showed ultra-modern yachts, and even hovercrafts flying above our capital.

However, when I asked the AI to create an image of what Valletta would look like further in the future, in 2200, the results scared me a bit. The utopian image presented before turned into a dystopia.

The AI presented me with an image of what appeared like a futuristic air battle going on over Valletta’s airspace.

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Ian Vella

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